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VšĮ Vilnius Art Events (hereinafter referred to as “we” or the “Data Controller”) is the controller of this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) sets out and clarifies how we collect and further process the personal data of visitors of the Website. Also, this Privacy Policy contains information about the processing of the data of all other data subjects that we carry out in the course of our activities.


This Privacy Policy shall be applicable to all individuals visiting the Website, and terms and conditions laid down herein shall apply every time when you want to access the content and/or service provided by us irrespective of the fact what kind of a device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) you use. You can browse this Website without providing your personal data; however, if you provide them, we will ask to confirm that you have read this Privacy Policy and understood provisions hereof.


We process the data of all data subjects in a lawful, transparent and fair manner, for predetermined purposes and only to the extent required to achieve them. We process your personal data in adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”), the Republic of Lithuania Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data, as well as personal data processing requirements set out in other legal acts and recommendations and/or instructions of supervisory authorities.


Persons under the age of 14 cannot submit any personal data. If you are a person under the age of 14, you must obtain the consent of your legal representative (parent, adoptive parent, guardian, curator) prior to submitting your personal information.


Terms used in this Privacy Policy shall be understood as they are defined in the GDPR.


Data Controller details:

VšĮ Vilnius Art Events

Legal entity number: 305604491

Registered office address: Subačiaus g. 8-21, LT-01302 Vilnius



How Do We Collect Information About You?


Your personal data, i.e. any information about you that allows us to identify you, are obtained in various ways:

  • you can submit information (personal data) yourself;
  • information about you can be collected automatically’
  • in certain cases, we receive information about you from third parties and collect information about you from publicly accessible sources.

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You can submit your personal data to us directly. This usually happens in cases when:

  • use services provided by us;
  • submit a query, request and/or claim to us by phone, e-mail or post.

Information about you can be collected automatically. This usually happens in cases when:

  • you submit queries or make posts on our websites or in our social network (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) accounts;
  • you use websites controlled by us (data collected using cookies and similar technologies. Further information about cookies we use is provided below).

To the extend allowed by the applicable legislation, we can obtain information about you from third parties. This may be information submitted by our partners, counterparties, service providers, information from your public profiles or data bases.


We can link your information obtained from you or public and commercial sources with other information obtained from you or about you.


We can also collect information about you in other cases not discussed in this Privacy Policy. However, if that is the case, we will inform you accordingly.


Information that we collect automatically is usually as follows:

  • information about the way you use this Website and/or our other websites (device information: IP address, operating system version and parameters of the device you use to access the content; login information: your session time and duration and any information stored in cookies that we have stored on your device (cookie policy is provided below); location information: device GPS signal or information about the nearest WiFi access points and mobile towers that can be transferred to us when you use the content of our website).

Information received from third parties or public sources is usually as follows:

  • name, surname, employment/professional activity/business, education, data on your achievements, creations or projects that are significant for art, education or culture, place of residence, and image captured in photos.

You can choose not to provide us with certain information; however, in this case, it is possible that we will not be able to provide our service to you (e.g., if you do not provide the necessary information requested by us in order to reply to your query, we will not be able to answer you).


Please note that we seek to maintain a relationship with our clients and provide them with information about our services. For this purpose, we engage in direct marketing by submitting notifications and news about our services, the event we organise and projects related thereto via e-mail.


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Purposes, grounds and processed personal data is indicated in the following table:

provided in this table, we will ask your consent prior to starting processing your personal data (such cases will be established according to circumstances and context).

In cases where we will process your personal data for other purposes than indicated in this Privacy Policy, we will inform you thereof in a separate notice.


Who Do We Transfer Your Personal Data To?

Without your prior written consent, we can transfer your personal data only in the following cases:

  • to responsibly selected business partners or companies providing services on our request;
  • to law enforcement and state authorities;
  • to other subjects when this is important due to the public interest or required under the legislation, or necessary in order to protect our legitimate interests.

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The possibilities of recipients of your personal data (individual data processors) to use your data are limited; they cannot use this information for other purposes than for the performance of agreement concluded with us. In order to be able to send direct marketing offers, your separate consent will be requested.

Also, we can transfer your data to data processors who provide services to us (perform works for us). Data processors have the right to process your personal data only on the grounds of a written agreement concluded between us and them, in accordance with our instructions, and only to the extent necessary for the duly implementation of obligations established in the agreement. When engaging processors, we use all means required to ensure that our data processors have implemented appropriate organisational and technical security measures and can ensure the confidentiality of your personal data.


The list of categories of data processors is as follows:


 banks; advertising agencies and companies providing marketing services; company maintaining our IT system and other software development, installation and support companies; companies providing communication services; security service; companies performing accounting operations for us; companies providing postal services and courier services; companies providing legal services; companies providing archiving services; bloggers and representatives of various other media outlets; managers of various galleries.


Where necessary and in order to protect our legitimate interests or for us to adhere to the necessary requirements provided in the legislation, we can transfer information about you held by us to other parties, such as state authorities, pre-trial investigation officers, courts, etc.


For more detailed information about specific companies indicated in this section to which your personal data may be transferred, please contact us using the contact details indicated in this Privacy Policy, in the privacy policies of other websites controlled by us, or notices submitted to you.


To Which Countries Do We Transfer Your Personal Data?

Sometimes we may have to transfer your personal data to other countries, which are applying lower level of protection of personal data. In such cases, we will do everything possible in order to ensure the protection of transferred personal data.

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In extremely rare cases, we can send your personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area. In such cases, we will ensure that one of the following security measures is implemented:

  • the agreement concluded with the data recipient is based on standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission;
  • binding corporate rules are applied;
  • the data recipient is based in the country recognised by the European Commission as implementing adequate data security standards;
  • codes of conduct and certification mechanisms are applied;
  • the permit of the State Data Protection Inspectorate was obtained.

In cases where none of the aforementioned appropriate security measures are applicable, we can rely on exceptions provided for in Article 49 of the Regulation (e.g., transfer your personal data based on your consent); however, those can be relied on only in cases strictly laid down in the Regulation.


What Do We Do to Protect Your Personal Data?

We have implemented reasonable and appropriate technical and organisational measure in order to protect information that we collect for the purposes of provision of content/services. However, keep in mind that irrespective of the fact that we employ appropriate actions to protect your personal data, none of the websites, internet operations, computer systems or wireless connections are completely safe.


How Long Are We Going to Store Your Personal Data?

We establish personal data storage terms pursuant to the requirements provided in laws and regulations, as well as instructions of supervisory and/or other competent authorities. Where such requirements or instructions are not established, we determine data storage terms in consideration of the public interest or our own legitimate interests; however, we store data no longer than 2 years as of the moment of receipt thereof (unless, as mentioned, longer data storage periods are provided in the legislation).


At the end of the data storage periods, your data will be erased in a way preventing their restoration or anonymised in a way that there is no possibility to identify you.

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Usually, personal data are stored for the following terms:

Even in cases where you have expressed a wish to terminate the agreement and decline our services, we will have to store some of your personal data until the expiration of terms of storage of certain data due to possible future claims. The information will also be stored so that if required, we are able to provide you with the requested information, have appropriately recorded history of relations with you, and can answer all questions related to your cooperation with us.


What Rights Do You Have?

Depending on the situation and additional terms and conditions established by the GDPR, you have the following rights:

  • to know (to be informed) about the processing of your data (right to know);
  • to access your personal data processed by us and find out how they are processed (right of access);
  • to rectify or, in consideration of personal data processing purposes, have incomplete personal data completed (right to rectification);
  • to erase personal data related to you (right “to be forgotten”);
  • to restrict the processing of personal data related to you (right to restriction);
  • to require to move data provided to us (right to data portability);
  • to object at any time to the processing of your personal data where such processing is carried out in the public interest, for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us or by a third party, and where personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes including profiling (right to object);
  • to withdraw your consent to personal data processing where the data are processed based on consent.

We always strive to ensure your rights properly and to react in a timely manner to any possible infringement of fulfilment thereof; therefore, if you have any questions about your personal data processed by us, please contact us at first. Also, please note that, in any case, you have the right to file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate at any time.


We provide you with the possibility to fulfil your aforementioned rights in a convenient manner. You can do so by  writing us to or using respective links provided at the bottom of advertising content submitted by us where we submit such advertising content.

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Your rights will be fulfilled after the live confirmation of your identity (by submitting an ID document: ID card or passport) or confirmation using electronic means (e.g., by electronic signature).


We may refuse to ensure you conditions required for the implementation of the aforementioned rights where, in cases provided by laws, it is required to ensure the prevention, investigation and determination of criminal offences or breaches of official or professional ethics, as well as the protection of the data subject or the rights and freedoms of other persons.


Cookies, Signals and Similar Technologies

In this Privacy Policy, we use the term “cookies” to indicate cookies and other similar technologies, for example, pixel tags, web beacons, or clear GIFs.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored in your web browser. They help us to:

  • recognise you as a returning visitor of the specific website;
  • ensure smooth operation of the Website;
  • monitor the duration and frequency of visits, as well as collect statistical information about the number of Website visitors.

By analysing these data, we can improve our Website and make it more convenient to use.

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Cookies used on our Website are as follows:

Category Name Period Purpose
Necessary technical cookies PHPSESSID Until you close the website. Ensures the integrity of website functionality
Functionality cookies __cfduid
1 year Use of Cloudflare system in order to identify secure web traffic
cf7msm_check Until you close the website. Used in forms for browser personalisation
Statistical cookies __utma, __utmt, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __utmv Respectively: 2 years, 30 minutes,  Until you close the website,  Until you close the website, 6 months Cookies helping to collect information about the use of website

When you use a browser to access the content provided by us, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies or notify when a cookie is downloaded. Each browser is different; therefore, if you do not know how to change your cookie settings, please read its help menu. Operating system of your device can have additional cookie controls. If you do not want information to be collected using cookies, use a simple procedure available in most browsers that allows you disable cookies. For more information on cookie management, please visit:


Also, you can manage cookies by choosing certain options in our pop-up cookie information banner.


Please keep in mind that some services may be created in a way to function only with cookies, and by disabling all or some of them you will not be able to use those services.


Also, please note that apart from our cookies, the Website allows some third parties (for example, social network controllers) to store and access cookies on your device. Third parties installing such cookies use their own privacy policies and we cannot assume responsibility for them (our Website cannot access the information transferred by them); therefore, we urge you to additionally read the aforementioned policies provided on the websites of these third parties. Our social network accounts (Facebook, Instagram) are operated under the privacy policies of controllers thereof.


External Websites

The Website contains links to external websites, i.e. websites which are integrally linked to contemporary art activities (for example, websites controlled by the participants of the galleries festival). When clicking such links, please note that these websites and services available through them must have their own separate privacy policies (rules), for which we cannot assume responsibility; therefore, we recommend reading them thoroughly prior to submitting any personal data.


Contact Us

If you have noticed any Privacy Policy discrepancies or security breaches on any of the websites controlled by us or if you have any other questions related to the processing of your personal data, please contact us in any convenient way:


VšĮ Vilnius Art Events

Legal entity number: 305604491

Registered office address: Subačiaus g. 8-21, LT-01302 Vilnius



Final Provisions


The Privacy Policy is reviewed and updated as required, but at least once per two years or in case of any amendments to the legislation regulating the processing of personal data. Having updated the Privacy Policy, we will notify you of, in our opinion, any material changes by publishing a notice on the Website or in any other similar way. If you use the content and/or services provided by us after such notification, we will consider that you agree with the new requirements laid down in the updated Privacy Policy.


Last revised on 5 December 2021.